Studio Renovation


Attention Pure RockerS

PRS is thrilled to share some wonderful, exciting news with all of you! Within months we will begin a major building expansion and renovation!! After 5 years of growth in Rochester it is finally time for our dream to become reality.

Our new building will be in the same location with the expansion being added to the east (Broadway) side. The existing building will go through a complete remodel giving us a fresh, modern feel but not losing the comfortable environment you all love. Six additional lesson rooms will be added, as well as a study nook for those wanting to hang out in a more “quiet” area. The east side of the existing building will become our “Drum Wing” offering two drum lesson rooms! New bathrooms, new front entry and reception area, as well as MUCH more open space will give PRS a whole new look. The icing on the cake is our new performance area complete with staging and concert lighting. This was always our goal, and we are thrilled to see it come to be. We will finally have our own performances right here!

Adam Ferrari from 9.Square, PSC is our architect. We are exited to be working with him as his vision, as well as, his musical background aligns with ours. You may have seen his work at places like Grand Rounds, Forager, Limb Lab, and Doggery to name a few.  Adam Kramer of Kramer Contracting will be our builder. He also has a musical background. Adam and Ryan were in their very first band together as kids, and still perform together from time to time.

This awesome adventure wouldn’t be a possibility if it weren’t for every single one of you.  Some have been with us for almost 5 years now! You are our most valued customers and to you we say THANK YOU. This build is our way of showing how your money has been reinvested in you and your family’s music education.  For those that are fairly new to PRS, you’ve signed up at the right time! We are about to become something Southern Minnesota has yet to experience!

With all that being said, we have one request…..please be PATIENT with the build process. It is our goal to not disrupt lessons as much as possible. However, with a build this big things are bound to get crazy at times. Bear with us and know that in a short period of time your music lesson center will become a state of the art facility!

Thanks for all your continued business. The future looks and SOUNDS amazing at Pure Rock Studios!