Dominick Bersano receives Music ScholArship

Pure Rock Studios wants to send a HUGE congratulations to Dominick Bersano, the most recent recipient of North Central University’s Music Bass Scholarship! Dom prepared, performed, and earned this $2500 scholarship, and we ALL couldn’t be more thrilled! Dom plans to become a worship leader after receiving his Music Pastor degree.

Dom has been a student at PRS for 6 years now, and has been working primarily with Drew Medin. He joined PRS a beginner, and is leaving a pro ready for the next phase in his musical career! When asked about his student, Drew Medin had this to say,

“Dominick is one of the hardest working students I’ve ever had! He has the drive to learn any aspect of music the he needs in order to accomplish his goals. I’m extremely proud of the man, and musician he has become.”

Congrats again Dom… deserve it! Best of luck from everyone at Pure Rock Studios